Frequently Asked Questions


About our Seat Covers

BestForAuto seat covers are semi-custom and will fit seat style as pictured above.  Our R&D team are constantly at work, taking seating measurements on new and vintage vehicles on the market to develop seat covers and protective accessories that will meet all the challenges of daily life.


About our Pricing

You may notice our pricing to be very competitive, or in many cases lower than other stores around the web.  Why?  Volume.  Thanks to you, our loyal fans, we are able to leverage reduced costs on production, which translates to a lower retail price for you!


Are the covers difficult to install?

Our seat covers are fairly easy to install – just slip on!  An installation manual is included, and we also have installation video online


How fast will you ship out my order?
Climate permitting, (we can’t control the weather… yet) orders ship within 1-2 business days, with approximately 2-8 business days for delivery depending on your location.  We will notify you immediately if the product is on back order. Tracking number will be emailed to you once the package is shipped from our distribution center.


Do you offer expedite shipping?

We do not offer any expedite shipping service.  All our products are shipped via USPS parcel post or UPS Ground only.


Can I ship to any address other than my billing address?

For security purposes, we only ship to your billing address on your credit card statement.


Do you offer phone support? 

Do you like being placed on hold?  We sure don’t.  Trust us, e-mail is faster. 


Why do I get an error message that says my credit card cannot be processed when I try to purchase your product?

Probably a typo.  Please make sure your name entered under the billing information must exactly match the name on your credit card as should your billing address and zip code.  The credit card number should be entered without spaces or dashes.


I seem to have a "Pending" charge on my credit card account from you.  What does that mean?

When a transaction fails on our site, our merchant provider sends the card issuer an automatic reversal for any charges that may be pending.  At that point it's up to the financial institution to issue the money back to your card---on average, 3-5 business days.  Best For Auto Inc. is not holding those funds.  For more information please contact your card issuer.


What is the difference between Deluxe Leatherette and PU Leather?

Deluxe leatherette is better quality leather, breathes better, and is softer than PU leather.  While PU leather is durable and waterproof, a higher PVC content results in a slightly firmer feel to the deluxe leather.